It is a great day here in the Queen City as Natalya finally received the phone call she has been waiting for! Soon she will be taking orders; memorizing a menu of fructose, BPA, parabens, pesticides and GMO foods; serving diabetic customers; and smiling as she prances around a fancy diner called ‘Big View’. She’ll start off as a server and work her way up to be a bartender, as she proves to the manager how ecstatic she is to serve the hungry people of Charlotte. Little does anyone know that in her mind she is simply pretending to be Amelie. :)

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I am officially obsessed with this app. Lena and Natalya are awesome and I love them.

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MLK day

panera: rich white lady in her 70’s with deeply ingrained views offers a homeless mentally ill black male some money for a meal.

they are eating beside each other.


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Tragedy and hardship always seem to shape Russia’s character. We were reminded of that by one passenger, Sergei Yovlev, a middle-aged man sharply dressed in a navy blue pinstriped suit…..

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Blue blood blues by Flora Lipari

Blue blood blues by Flora Lipari

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happy new years

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

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i’m just a simple russian girl

i got vodka in my blood

so i dance with brown bears

and my soul is torn apart


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good morning typicals/atypicals

Ha. The people that drive on 40 at 6 in the morning. why?

oh the man with his morning bagel, daily newspaper and coffee across from me.
With us being less than dots in this complex universe which is beyond understanding,
most people are just visitors who live routinely lives.
None of us have to, but most of us do.
playing: Sonata No. 14 Beethoven.
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Лесная Нимфа ( Forest Nimf) by Anastasia Talaiko

Лесная Нимфа ( Forest Nimf) by Anastasia Talaiko

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Black and White II by Ivelina Aasen
-my flower-

Black and White II by Ivelina Aasen

-my flower-

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i’m just a simple russian girl. i’ve got vodka in my blood.


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